My workshop

I am not a blacksmith; my knives are made using the stock removal method. I create my blades by removing steel from a steel blank through grinding and filing. I do not use ready-made blades.
I make my knives using machines and hand tools.
I have the following machines:
·      A frequency controlled variable speed band grinder for 50x2000 mm belts. I built this machine about 7 years ago.
·      A commercial belt/disc grinder combo. Today I use this machine only for grinding handle materials
·      A variable speed band saw
·      A bench top drill press
·      A buffing machine
·      A small self-made gas forge
My shop is in the basement with quite a small foot print, therefore all my machines are on rollers for me to free up space.
My hand tools are the usual hand tools you will find in a metal work shop
·      Various hack saws
·      A jigsaw / jeweler saw
·      Files in all sizes, forms and cuts
·      Hammers, center punches,
·      Rulers, compasses, Calipers, a marking gauge, etc.
I make my own leather sheaths so meanwhile I have quite a collection of tools for leather work.
You might ask yourself: Handmade knives and the use of machines? Well I don’t have “real“ tooling or CNC machines. I don’t put a piece of steel into a machine, push a button and the result is a finished blade. I shape my blades at the band grinder by hand. I once in while use a rest but no fixtures etc.

The final knife finish is also made by hand. The only machine use is the buffing wheel to buff the handles.

Roland Sawicki
Durlacherstr. 46
68219 Mannheim (Germany)


+49 (0)621 - 8019931


+49 (0)621 - 8061718



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